Get the Facts about Starting School After Labor Day

  • There will be no impact on the learning experience of students with a post-Labor Day start. A 19-member, non-partisan legislative task force found no evidence of an impact on students' learning experience and teachers' ability to plan an perform their duties.
  • An overwhelming 71-percent of Marylanders support a post-Labor Day Start.
  • Starting school after Labor Day has wide bipartisan support – two Governors, the Comptroller, and 57 Republican and Democratic legislators.
  • There is absolutely no cost for Maryland taxpayers for a post-Labor Day start.
  • Beginning school after Labor Day would provide families with additional time together, and generate millions of dollars in economic activity and revenue for our state and local government.
  • School Starting after Labor Day could generate an additional $74.3 million in direct economic activity, including $3.7 million in new wages.
  • Students will still be finished the year in early to mid-June. Governor Hogan's Executive Order requires that the school year be completed on June 15th.
  • Inclement weather days will not extend the school year beyond acceptable boundaries. School systems will continue to have the ability to submit waiver requests to the State Department of Education.

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