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Governor Hogan Announces 25 Endorsements From Current And Former Democratic Elected Officials

Just one week removed from the primary election, Hogan for Governor received 25 endorsements from prominent Democratic leaders. Governor Hogan has a proven track record of working with Maryland Democratic leaders to implement the solutions to the problems Marylanders care about the most. These endorsements reflect the governor’s bipartisan leadership, and his record support from both Democrats and independents:

Washington County Sheriff Doug Mullendore: “Governor Hogan promised that the war on rural Maryland was over. Under his leadership, Washington County and Western Maryland are better off now than they were four years ago. His investments in the region position us for an even brighter future. With Governor Hogan, we have an advocate in Annapolis fighting for us every single day.”

Washington County School Board Wayne Ridenour: “Throughout his tenure, Governor Hogan has made it clear that when it comes to education, Maryland’s children come first. In Washington County, the governor recognized the needs of our county and he has stepped up and provided us with funding to address those needs. It is for this reason that this Democrat believes Governor Hogan is the right person for the state and our county for the next four years.” 

Former Harford County Executive Eileen Rehrmann: “Maryland and Harford County have a great friend in Governor Larry Hogan. During the governor’s tenure, the county has received vital support from his administration, including an innovative plan to widen highways in Harford County to provide much-needed congestion relief. We can’t afford to lose the governor’s ability to work with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents which has been invaluable for the county and state.”

Former Baltimore City Councilman Bobby Curran: “Governor Hogan’s strong, results-oriented leadership has been of great benefit to Maryland over these last four years. The governor has been a strong supporter of Baltimore City, fighting to garner billions in funding for our city. Governor Hogan is the only candidate in this race who has the track record Maryland needs of putting people over all else, including political party.”

Former Anne Arundel County Executive Jim Lighthizer: “I’m extremely impressed with the progress the last four years. We need to continue Governor Larry Hogan’s leadership in Maryland. Under Governor Hogan, Maryland has experienced an incredible economic resurgence that helps all Marylanders. We’ve gained nearly 100,000 jobs and businesses are growing in our state. We must continue to build on the successes of the last four years by reelecting Governor Hogan. The last thing our state needs is to drastically veer off the course the governor has set for Maryland.”

Former Washington County Commissioner Ron Bowers: “Governor Hogan has been a great friend of Washington County. It is because of his actions that we are better off now than we were four years ago. The governor has been a champion for Hagerstown and Washington County’s economic development, providing funding to restore a Hagerstown crown jewel, the Maryland Theater. In our community we are especially thankful for the governor’s leadership in pushing for and enacting the More Jobs For Marylanders Act which brought jobs and spurred investment into our community. As a veteran, I’m also appreciative of the governor’s work to give tax cut to Maryland’s military retirees. Governor Hogan deeply cares about people in every corner of our great state, and it’s critical that we continue to have a friend like him in Annapolis.”

Former Senate Finance Committee Chairman Jim Simpson: “As a former long-serving senator from Southern Maryland, I have watched the evolution of the Democratic Party with dismay. Therefore, I will be offering my full support to the re-election bid of Governor Larry Hogan for another four years. The governor’s ability to cross party lines has been instrumental in the progress Maryland has made these last four years, including giving Maryland retirees a tax cut on their retirement income.”

Former Senator Rona Kramer: “Governor Hogan has repeatedly proven he is the best person to lead Maryland and I am proud to endorse him for reelection. In a time where people are retreating to their respective parties and not talking or working with each other, the governor is charting a different path and its making Maryland a better place to live, work, and retire. He’s creating jobs, fully funding education, fighting for Maryland’s seniors, protecting the environment and he’s doing it by working with leaders from both parties - that is exactly what we need!”

Former Delegate, Vice-Chairman of the Baltimore County Delegation Richard Rynd: “Governor Hogan is the rare elected leader who does exactly what he says he is going to do and that is why I am proud to endorse him for another four years in office. His record of fighting for and implementing bipartisan solutions is incredibly strong and the right kind of principled leadership Marylanders have been demanding for far too long. Marylanders have a governor they can trust and there is absolutely no reason to change course.”

Former House Majority Whip George Owings: “I’ve had the opportunity to serve in several different facets of state government. First as a delegate, then for the second time, as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. There is nothing that has given me a greater sense of accomplishment then to reach out to our veteran community with the full backing of Governor Hogan. On the day that I was sworn in, he said, ‘You make this the best Department of Veteran Affairs in the country.’ And every day the department strives to meet his high expectations. Governor Hogan is moving Maryland forward and we can’t afford to turn back the clock.”

Former Prince George’s County Sheriff Jimmy Aluisi: “Maryland’s law enforcement community and our entire state has had no greater friend than Governor Larry Hogan over these last four years. The governor’s support for our community has known no party lines. I’ve known the governor for many years, and it is my honor to support him for re-election.”

Former Delegate, Baltimore City Councilman Keiffer Mitchell: “I am proud to support my friend Governor Larry Hogan who has demonstrated strong leadership guiding our state. I witnessed this first hand during the riots in my City of Baltimore. Governor Hogan is genuine and a man of character. We have changed Maryland for the better and we cannot afford to turn back now.”

Former Senator Robert Neall: “In a time where politicians from both parties are doing everything they can to pull people apart, Maryland needs a leader that is dedicated to bringing people together and that is what they have in Governor Larry Hogan. His record speaks for itself – its comprehensive and bipartisan and most importantly it’s changing Maryland for the better. Four more years!”

Former Anne Arundel County Sheriff George Johnson: “It is all too rare in politics today to find someone who consistently puts people over party. In Governor Larry Hogan, Maryland has found one such leader. It is imperative that our state reelect the governor, and which will ensure four more years of bipartisan problem-solving in Annapolis.”

Former Calvert County Commissioner Pat Buehler: “As former Chair of the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee and as a three term County Commissioner, it is time for me to realize that I need to remain true to my core beliefs. Therefore, for the sake on my grandson, my family and the state of Maryland it is incumbent upon me to give my full support to the re-election of Governor Hogan.”

Former House Deputy Majority Whip Joe Bartenfelder: “Our state has been incredibly lucky to have someone as dedicated to bipartisan and commonsense solutions as Governor Hogan and I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job continuing to lead this state over the next four years. I am a lifelong Democrat and I am proud to endorse him for reelection. We need more cooperation and bipartisanship, not less!”

Former Lt. Governor Mickey Steinberg: ”As a Democrat, former State Senator, and Lt. Governor, I strongly support Governor Hogan for a second term. He’s made tremendous progress on the issues that I care about, and which benefit the State of Maryland. He worked with the legislature to save our health care system, provided funding for our schools, and he has made Maryland an environmental leader including helping make the Chesapeake Bay the healthiest in a generation. On the other hand, his opponent, Ben Jealous’ radical and irresponsible proposals would destroy our economy, and damage our past progress, and stifle future progress. Governor Hogan has developed a real record of accomplishment benefiting the state of Maryland which every Marylander, regardless of party affiliation, should admire. He deserves our strong support to elect him to a second term.”

Former Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates Clay Mitchell Jr.: “Governor Hogan has worked across the aisle to tackle the big issues facing Maryland. He is a refreshing break from the partisanship and dysfunction of Washington, D.C. America needs more leaders like Larry Hogan and Marylanders from all walks of life should be eager to keep him in the governor’s office for another four years.”

Former Maryland Democratic Chairman Nathan Landow: “It is imperative that Democratic voters who value moderation, fiscal responsibility and functional government support Governor Larry Hogan in the general election. His record of sensible, bipartisan reform and his genuine decency is the antidote for what ails our politics today. He stands in stark contrast to the irresponsible and extreme ideas of Ben Jealous.”

Former Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee and Officer of the Executive Committee Scott Pastrick: “I’m pleased to enthusiastically support Governor Hogan’s reelection because he has provided the sort of independent leadership that is so lacking in politics today. By working across the aisle to record fund our schools, save our health care system, and protect our environment, he has shown how government is supposed to work. It would be a mistake to trade that progress at a time Maryland is on the right path towards continued growth and economic vitality. Governor Hogan’s quest to bring good government that brings civility and cooperation is a model for the Country and Marylanders should be proud.”

Former House Deputy Majority Whip Bill Cox: “Larry Hogan has provided the type of commonsense, bipartisan leadership that makes Marylanders of all political stripes proud. He puts people over party and always does what he thinks is right regardless of politics. Ben Jealous is too divisive and his policies are too extreme for Maryland. We should stick with what has worked and reelect Gov. Hogan.”

Chairman of the Clean Chesapeake Coalition and Kent County Commissioner Ron Fithian: “The Chesapeake Bay is central to what makes Maryland the great state it is. With Governor Hogan, we have a leader who has invested billions in Chesapeake Bay restoration programs, resulting in the Bay receiving its highest water quality rating in 33 years. While many can talk about what they’d do for our state, Governor Hogan is the only one in this race who has acted to preserve and protect the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s environment.”

Retired Federal Judge Alexander Williams Jr.: “We need more bipartisanship, cooperation, and compromise not less, and Governor Hogan is the only person in this race who has a long and proven record of being dedicated to those ideals. From his initial comments, it appears that Mr. Jealous is moving toward partisan politics and divisiveness.”

Former Baltimore City Councilwoman Rikki Spector: “Governor Larry Hogan’s has been a friend to Israel and the Maryland Jewish community, including standing against the BDS movement, and his bipartisan leadership has been instrumental in the progress Baltimore City has made these last four years. Our state cannot afford to turn back now, and experiment with the risky, radical policies of Ben Jealous.”

Former Delegate and Chairman of the House Commerce and Government Matters Committee John Wood Jr.: “In Governor Hogan, Maryland has a rare leader who does what is right regardless of politics. We need more of that not only here in our state, but all across America. Unfortunately, Ben Jealous offers more of the same partisan fighting and division that makes voters so frustrated with our political system.”