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Governor Hogan Statement on President Biden’s Pittsburgh Speech

Governor Hogan released the following statement on President Biden’s speech in Pittsburgh today.

As chairman of the National Governors Association, Governor Hogan released a series of recommendations for a federal infrastructure bill that have bipartisan support, including relieving traffic congestion, cutting red tape, leveraging private sector investment and ensuring better resiliency to withstand cyberattacks and natural disasters.

Read the statement here and below.

“Rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure is the right priority, but no one should think this is a challenge that can be solved by one party alone. Infrastructure is a bipartisan problem that demands two-party solutions.

Democrats and Republicans alike need better roads, bridges and broadband, but any proposed package will only secure bipartisan support if it remains focused on infrastructure and benefits—not burdens—future generations.

This is a momentous opportunity for America to repair our existing infrastructure and to make bold investments that will allow us to outcompete and out innovate the rest of the world. We stand ready to work with the President and Democrats and Republicans in Congress to seize this opportunity."