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Governor Hogan Urges President Biden to Focus on True Infrastructure on CNN’s “The Lead”

Governor Hogan appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper to argue for a common-sense, bipartisan approach to a federal infrastructure bill.

Watch Governor Hogan on CNN’s “The Lead” Here

Governor Hogan on Washington Dysfunction: “I think there’s a whole lot of crazy going on in Washington and a lot of extreme partisanship on both sides of the aisle.”

Governor Hogan on The Annapolis Bipartisan Infrastructure Summit: “We had Democratic governors, Democratic senators, and Democratic congressmen all gathered here in Annapolis with me in the summit I put together, and we’re all in agreement that a bill needs to be bipartisan. It has to have the support of Republicans and Democrats and it should focus on real infrastructure, not just roads and bridges but also digital infrastructure and also about energy and the grid.”

Governor Hogan on President Biden’s ‘Human Infrastructure:’ “We can argue about those other things later. We can talk about massive tax hikes….But let’s deal with that later and have those debates. Right now, let’s come to agreement on the things we all agree is the priority and where we can get bipartisan support. That would set up the President being more successful throughout the rest of his term.”