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Governor Larry Hogan again has one of the highest job approval ratings in the country

In the latest poll conducted by Morning Consult, an overwhelming majority of Marylanders approve of the job that Governor Larry Hogan is doing.

Governor Hogan boasts a strong 66 percent job approval rating in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a margin of nearly 2 to 1.  Hogan again takes one of the top spots in the entire country as one of America’s most popular governors.

In an earlier poll conducted by Gonzales Research, they found Hogan had strong job approval ratings, regardless of party affiliation.  Among Republicans, Hogan’s approval rating stands at 86 percent; among independents, Hogan’s approval rating stands at 78 percent; and even among Democrats, Hogan’s approval rating stands at 61 percent.

This again shows that bipartisanship and strong independent leadership is exactly what Marylanders want.