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75% Of Maryland Voters Approve Of The Job Hogan Is Doing As Governor

“None of the Democratic candidates for governor polled well against Hogan, the survey showed.

“Hogan leads each of his possible general election opponents by double-digit margins, with Baker keeping it most competitive. Hogan leads Baker 48 to 37 percent in a head-to-head match-up with the Republican incumbent with 15 percent undecided, the poll found.

“Against Jealous, Hogan leads 52 percent to 34 percent with 14 percent undecided.

“Surprisingly, Hogan is polling in a statistical tie with both Baker and Jealous in deep-blue Baltimore City, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 10-to-1.

“’Larry Hogan remains exceptionally popular in Maryland: 64% have a favorable opinion of him,’ Gonzales wrote. ‘Men and women, blacks and whites, young and old, Baltimoreans, suburban Washingtonians, and rural Marylanders are all united in the positive emotion they feel for Hogan.’

“Further, a laudable 75% of Maryland voters approve of the job Hogan is doing as governor.”

– Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun