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FACT CHECK: Democratic Candidates Use Debate Stage To Spread Misinformation About Governor Hogan’s Strong Record

Hogan for Governor today released the following fact check from last night’s Maryland Democratic Primary Gubernatorial Debate, where once again Democratic candidates wildly distorted Governor Hogan’s strong record of accomplishments for Maryland. In combination with the fact check released by The Baltimore Sun last night, at the very least there was a factually inaccurate claim or statement made at least every ten minutes of this debate:

CLAIM: RUSHERN BAKER: “That’s what Larry Hogan ran against, the rain tax. The rain tax was about stormwater mediation, and that’s why we need it. There’s no better example than Ellicott City, we should rebuild it and implement a program.”

CLAIM: KRISH VIGNARAJAH: “This was due to man made negligence. And as Mr. Baker said, our governor ran on against stormwater management. When we remove the natural defenses that mother nature has created in terms of forests and wetlands, this is what we end up happening. So this is why as governor I’m going to restore those defenses and make sure we build back better and stronger.”

  • FACT: Every Single Democratic Member Of The Maryland General Assembly, Including Senator Richard Madaleno Voted To Repeal The Rain Tax. (“Senate Bill 863,” Maryland General Assembly, 10/24/17)
  • FACT: The Rain Tax Had Nothing To Do With Flood Mitigation Efforts; The Rain Tax Was A Statewide Mandate Forcing Local Jurisdictions To Raise Taxes, Even If They Had No Need To. “There has been much hue and cry in recent days about the General Assembly approving a ‘rain tax’ this year that is punitive, anti-commerce and unnecessary…  In 2012, the legislature approved a new program to reduce the fastest-growing source of water pollution in this state: stormwater runoff. What may fall as ordinary rain quickly picks up such contaminants as lawn and garden fertilizers, pet waste, septic tank overflow, chemicals like motor oil, litter and chemicals produced by cars and industry. Hard, impervious surfaces make this problem much worse. Instead of naturally filtering into the ground, the pollution is sped along to vulnerable streams and rivers and eventually, at least for most of the state, the Chesapeake Bay.” (Editorial, “The ‘Rain Tax’ Sham,” The Baltimore Sun, 4/16/13)
  • FACT: Chesapeake Bay Foundation: The Rain Tax Is “A Fee To Reduce Pollution From Water That Washes Off Hard Surfaces And Empties Into Local Waterways.” (“Stormwater Fees,” Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Accessed: 5/30/18)

CLAIM: RICHARD MADALENO: “Stopping his efforts to slash our protections for the Chesapeake Bay.”

  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Provided $4 Billion For Chesapeake Bay Restoration Efforts, A State Record, And Nearly 50% More Funding Than The Previous Administration. (Maryland Department Of Budget And Management)
  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Been A Frequent Critic Of Proposed Federal Cuts To The Chesapeake Bay. “During the meeting, the council members signed a resolution supporting the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership and advocating for continued federal funding to restore and preserve the region’s most precious natural resource.” (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan Elected Chair Of Chesapeake Executive Council,” Office Of The Governor, 6/8/17; Pamela Wood, “Democrats Push Hogan To Oppose Chesapeake Bay Funding Cuts,” The Baltimore Sun, 3/23/17)

CLAIM: RICHARD MADALENO: “Look, we need a governor who doesn’t seek to erase Baltimore City, avoid Baltimore City - that’s been the Hogan administration, they’ve tried to avoid the programs and the problems in the City and around the state.”

  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Invested Over $5.5 Billion In Total Local Aid Toward Baltimore City - More Than Any Other Jurisdiction In The State. (Maryland Department Of Budget And Management)
  • FACT: Governor Hogan Launched The $700 Million Project C.O.R.E. To Remove Blight And Abandoned Buildings In Baltimore City. (Luke Broadwater and Yvonne Wenger, “Gov. Hogan Announces $700M Plan To Target Urban Decay In Baltimore,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/5/16)
  • The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board: “[Hogan’s] Presence In Baltimore After The 2015 Riots Was Reassuring…” (Editorial, “Md. Governor’s Race: Let The (Ad) Campaign Begin,” The Baltimore Sun, 5/30/18)

CLAIM: RICHARD MADALENO: “Since he became governor, when it came to Baltimore County, the Baltimore County and the Baltimore City schools, what has he done? He’s diagnosed problems, he’s complained about corruption, but has he stepped up and tried to do anything?

  • FACT: Members Of The Maryland General Assembly, Refused To Allow Governor Hogan’s Proposed Legislation To Establish An Office Of The State Education Investigator General To Be Brought To The Floor For A Vote; Legislation Would Have Brought More Accountability To School Systems. “There is an Investigator General in the Education Monitoring Unit… The Education Monitoring Unit shall investigate complaints of unethical, unprofessional, or illegal conduct of: Individuals employed by the Department of a county board; An appointed or elected member of a county board; or Any other person or entity associated with the provision of educational facilities, products, or services to the Department, a county board, or a public school… The Education Monitoring Unit is an independent unit of the state…” (“Senate Bill 302,” Maryland General Assembly, 1/22/18)

CLAIM: RICHARD MADALENO: “When Larry Hogan came in to office, his first budget tried to cut a billion dollars out of funding for the schools.”

  • FACT: As Proposed, Governor Hogan’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Increased K-12 Education Funding By $45 Million. (“Maryland Budget Highlights FY 2016,“ Maryland Department Of Budget And Management, 1/23/15, Pg. 26)
  • FACT: Senator Madaleno Voted For Governor O’Malley’s Budgets Which Froze And Capped The Per Pupil Foundation Formula - This Cut $2.3 Billion Dollars From K-12 Education. “‘Target per pupil foundation amount’ means: In fiscal years 2008, 2009, and 2010, $6,694; Except as provided in item (III) of this paragraph. in subsequent fiscal years: The target per pupil foundation amount for the prior fiscal year increased by the same percentage as the lesser of: The increase in the implicit price deflator for State and local government expenditures for the second prior fiscal year; The Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers for the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area, or any successor index, for the second prior fiscal year; or 5%…“ (“House Bill 101,” Maryland General Assembly, 5/19/09; “Adequacy Of Education Funding In Maryland,” Commission On Innovation And Excellence In Education, 12/8/16, Pg. 15)​

CLAIM: RUSHERN BAKER: “The first thing the governor did was come in, and cut money from Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and Baltimore County.”

  • FACT: In Every Single One Of Governor Hogan’s Budgets, Funding Has Increased For Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, And Baltimore County. (Maryland Department Of Budget And Management)