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FACT CHECK: If Maryland Democratic Candidates Are Debating, That Means It’s Time For A Fact Check

Tonight’s debate was missing many things, but most prominently it was missing accurate information about Governor Hogan’s strong record of accomplishments for Marylanders.

See below for the real facts about the governor’s record:

CLAIM: RUSHERN BAKER: “People are taxed out.”

  • FACT: True, Partly Because Rushern Baker Raised Taxes On Prince George’s County Residents.
  • FACT: Since Taking Office, Governor Hogan Has Delivered $1.2 Billion In Tax, Toll, And Fee Relief.(“Governor Hogan Has Delivered Marylanders $1.2 Billion In Tax, Toll, And Fee Relief Larry Hogan, Accessed:6/5/18)

CLAIM: BEN JEALOUS: “One of the things that’s most disappointing about our governor is that he campaigned on this crisis, and then he waited two years until the re-election season had begun before doing anything. And then he declared a state of emergency and didn’t do very much.”

  • FACT: One Month After Governor Hogan Took Office He Signed An An Executive Order Establishing The Governor’s Heroin And Opioid Emergency Task Force. (“Executive Order 01.01.2015.12,” Office Of The Governor, 2/24/15)
  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Committed Over $600 Million Toward Fighting The Heroin And Opioid Epidemic And Substance Use Disorders. (Maryland Department Of Budget And Management)
  • FACT: In 2015 Governor Hogan’s Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene Announced The Expansion Of The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program To, Allow Health Care Providers To Access Information From Out Of State. “ Starting this week, health care providers are now able to access out-of-state PDMP data… Out-of-state data access will begin with Virginia, expanding to other neighboring states and states of interest.” (Press Release, “Users Of Maryland’s PDMP Now have Access To Other States’ Data,” Maryland Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene, 8/4/15)
  • FACT: In 2015 Governor Hogan Signed Legislation Expanding The Good Samaritan Law, Protecting First Responders Who Administer Naloxone. “Paramedics, firefighters and other first responders authorized to spray or inject the drug are immune from lawsuits under an expansion of the state’s Good Samaritan law.” (Fenit Nirappil, “New Maryland Laws Effect Heroin Response, Divorces, Pot Changes,” The Washington Post, 10/1/15; Press Release, “Maryland Sees Uptick In Fentanyl-Related Fatal Overdoses At Close Of 2015,” Maryland Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene, 1/15/16)  
  • FACT: In His First Year In Office, Governor Hogan Invested $800,000 To Reopen Treatment Beds Which Were Closed Under The Previous Administration At The A.F. Whitsitt Center.“Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, who leads the state’s Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force, said $800,000 will go toward restoring the 40-bed capacity at the A.F. Whitsitt Center, a residential treatment facility in Chestertown.” (“Hogan Administration Details $2M In Spending To Fight Heroin,” The Associated Press, 8/25/15; “More Beds At Whitsitt Means More Addicts On The Shore Can Get Help,” My Eastern Shore MD, 9/3/15)

CLAIM: BEN JEALOUS: “We have to make sure that there is a crisis team in every corner of our state. Our governor has funded one. Our state leaders ask for ten. I’ll make sure we get all ten… I’ll make sure here in the City we stop rationing the lifesaving drug Narcan or Naloxone as it is also known.”

  • FACT: Governor Hogan Enacted Legislation To Allow For The Establishment Of Crisis Treatment Centers; The Maryland Department Of Health Invested Over $2 Million Toward The Opening Of The Baltimore City Crisis Treatment Center. “State and local officials have announced plans to open a ‘stabilization’ center in Baltimore to help people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The center — the first of its kind in Maryland — will be open 24 hours a day.” (“Officials Announce Plans To Open ‘Stabilization’ Center,” WTOP, 3/28/18; Andrea McDaniels, “Funding Secured To Open Stabilization Center For Drug And Alcohol Users In Baltimore,” The Baltimore Sun, 3/27/18)
  • FACT: Members Of The General Assembly, Not The Governor, Struck Language Which Would Have Established Ten Centers Throughout The State. “Subject to subsection (b) of this section, the administration shall establish crisis treatment centers that provide individuals who are in mental health or substance use disorder crisis with access to clinical staff…” (“House Bill 1329,” Maryland General Assembly, 5/25/17)
  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Not Been “Rationing” Naloxone; The Governor’s Department Of Health Issued A Standing Order To Make Naloxone Accessible To All Marylanders At Pharmacies. “The standing order authorizes any Maryland-licensed pharmacist to dispense naloxone to any individual in accordance with the conditions of this order, enumerated below.” (Press Release, “Maryland Overdose Response Program: Statewide Naloxone Standing Order,” Behavioral Health Administration, 6/1/17)

CLAIM: RUSHERN BAKER: “We have to have a real partner that understands. A governor that understands that what’s going on in Baltimore City is not some foreign country. These are Marylanders that are dying in the streets. These are Marylanders who are afraid to walk to school or to their jobs. That is the governor’s responsibility.”

  • FACT: Mayor Catherine Pugh Praised The Collaborative Effort Governor Hogan Announced In Conjunction With Local, State, And Federal Law Enforcement To Address Violence And Repeat Violent Offenders In Baltimore City. “Hogan ordered state law enforcement agencies to increase patrols in the city and step up monitoring of people on parole and probation, more outside assistance for serving warrants, the creation of a cross-jurisdictional crime-fighting council and legislation that calls for longer sentences for violent criminals… Pugh said Wednesday the joint operations would continue throughout the year. ‘This collaborative effort has meant a great deal in terms of reducing violence in our city,’ she said.” (Luke Broadwater, “Gov. Hogan, Mayor Pugh Announce Results Of Joint Effort To Battle Baltimore Crime,” The Baltimore Sun, 2/21/18)
    • U.S. Marshal Johnny Hughes Praised Governor Hogan For His “Determination” To “Tackle Violent Crime Issues.” “In my 51 years in law enforcement, I have not seen a governor with tenacity, initiative, true grit, and determination to step up and tackle violent crime issues like Governor Hogan. He’s always been with us. This fugitive roundup is one more example of his talent and fine work for Marylanders. He’s always there for law enforcement and he’s always there for the families for those killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. I can’t tell you how many funerals I have been to since Governor Hogan’s been in office, law enforcement, but it’s been way too many, and this guy has always been there, taking care of the families and our law enforcement families.” (U.S. Marshals Violent Crime Initiative Update, 2/21/18)
  • FACT: In January 2016, Governor Hogan Announced Project C.O.R.E., A $700 Million, Bold Initiative To Remove Blight And Abandoned Buildings In Baltimore City; To Date Over 1,000 Blighted Properties Have Been Removed. (Press Release, “Governor Hogan, Mayor Rawlings-Blake Partner To Address Blight In Baltimore City, Announce State Project,” Office Of The Governor, 1/5/16; Press Release, “Hogan Administration Celebrates Over 1,000 Blighted Properties Removed Through Project C.O.R.E.,” Office Of The Governor, 10/4/17)

CLAIM: JIM SHEA: “Larry Hogan has led us in the wrong direction.”

  • FACT: In A Recently Released Washington Post Poll, 71% Of Marylanders Approve Of Governor Hogan’s Job Performance, Maryland Residents “Are More Optimistic About The State’s Direction” Than At Any Point Over The Past Quarter-Century. “Hogan’s broad support — nearly two-thirds of Democrats approve of his job performance — defies a national political climate in which opposition to President Trump has energized Democrats. His 71 percent job-approval rating among all Marylanders matches his previous record high, and residents are more optimistic about the state’s direction than in any Washington Post poll over the past quarter-century, the poll finds.” (Robert McCartney, Scott Clement, Rachel Chason, “Post-U. Md. Poll: Jealous, Baker Lead In Democratic Race Overshadowed By Hogan,” The Washington Post, 6/5/18)  

CLAIM: BEN JEALOUS: “I am the one that the teachers trust to finally fund our schools.”

  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Fully Funded Maryland Schools, He Has Provided Record Funding For Education Four Years In A Row. “Hogan can accurately claim to have fully funded education under current formulas for his last three budgets.” “Hogan is correct that his administration has proposed record K-12 education spending each year. He is proposing spending $6.5 billion next year for another record.” (Michael Dresser, “Fact Check: Democratic Debate Yields Urban Myths, Stretched Statistics, Grains Of Truth,” The Baltimore Sun, 5/30/18; Michael Dresser, “Analysis: Fact-Checking Maryland Gov. Hogan’s 2018 State Of The State Speech,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/31/18)  

CLAIM: BEN JEALOUS: “If we move toward single-payer we can save lots of money.”

  • FACT: Ben Jealous Has Touted His Support For A SIngle Payer Health Care System, SImilar To The One Supported By Senator Bernie Sanders; This Plan Would Have Increased Spending By $32 Trillion. “But the government’s price tag would be astonishing. When Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) proposed a ‘Medicare for all’ health plan in his presidential campaign, the nonpartisan Urban Institute figured that it would raise government spending by $32 trillion over 10 years, requiring a tax increase so huge that even the democratic socialist Mr. Sanders did not propose anything close to it.” (Editorial, “Single-Payer Health Care Would Have An Astonishingly High Price Tag,” The Washington Post, 6/18/17)
  • FACT: Single Payer Health Care Plans Would Require Massive Tax Increases; A Cost Analysis Stated That A Single Payer Health Care Plan Would Have Cost Vermont $4.3 Billion And $400 Billion In California.  

CLAIM: RICHARD MADALENO: “Services we haven’t been providing because we have a governor who hasn’t made it a priority to put those services in… who hasn’t funded the diversion programs, things like Safe Streets.”

  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Invested $12 Million Toward The Safe Streets Program Since Taking Office From Fiscal Year 2016 - Fiscal Year 2018; The Governor Enacted Legislation.(“2018FY - Operating Budget Analysis Governor’s Office Of Crime Control And Prevention,”Maryland Department Of Legislative Services, Accessed: 6/5/18; Maryland Department Of Budget And Management)
  • FACT: Governor Hogan Enacted Legislation To Provide Baltimore City With $3.6 Million Annually For The Baltimore City Safe Streets Initiative.