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Under Governor Hogan, Maryland is truly open for business

Before Governor Larry Hogan took office, Maryland lost 100,000 jobs and 8,000 businesses and the state’s unemployment rate stood at 5.5 percent.  Under the previous administration, there were 43 consecutive tax increases placing incredible burdens on small businesses and hard-working families.

Since Governor Hogan took office, Maryland has experienced an incredible economic resurgence:

  • Maryland went from losing 100,000 jobs to gaining over 110,000 jobs and is the fastest state for job growth in the entire mid-Atlantic region.
  • Maryland had the best year for business in 15 years.
  • Maryland had the best year for job growth in a decade.
  • The unemployment rate dropped from 5.5 percent all the way down to 4 percent – below the national average.
  • According to CNBC’s 2017 ranking of America’s top states for business, Maryland ranked fourth for entrepreneurial business growth.

Governor Hogan promised to put Maryland on a new path, and he is doing exactly what he said he would.